How to Get Custom Action Anime Angela ML

How to Get Custom Action Anime Angela ML

How to get custom action anime angela ML is being sought after by mobile legend gamers. Custom action anime angela is one of the new features that are present in the mobile legend game. So this feature can make heroes do taunting with actions that only exclusive heroes have. This is given as an effort to attract fans of mobile legend games so that they can feel more comfortable playing this game. Mobile legends also often present many unexpected innovations. So many surprises will be given in this game. No wonder this game has managed to become one of the most popular Moba games and has a large number of fans. Until now, there are still many new players who also want to join and play this mobile legend game.

Mengenal Custom Action Anime Angela Mobile Legend

Angela is one of the heroes that is very often used as a midlaner or roamer by players. this is because the performance of this hero is very interesting. So that it will succeed in becoming one of the heroes that will be useful because it has a shield and heal. This time there is an event taking place in the mobile legend game. The event is a recharge event which is commonly known as the purchase of diamonds with a certain nominal so that players can get prizes. In the period 15-19 September 2021 players will get the opportunity to get a custom action anime angela prize. So that you can immediately follow this event before it ends so that you get the opportunity to easily get a free angela anime custom action. This has resulted in a lot of players looking for information on  how to get custom anime angela ML. Here’s complete information on how to get an easy custom angela anime.

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Here’s How To Get

  1. The first way to get Angela ML’s custom action is that you have to login to the mobile legends game first. The game login must go through the game provider’s official website.
  2. After that, you must enter the game event menu. So you can follow the ongoing recharge event. In this case, the event certainly has a validity period. so before it ends you have to follow it immediately.
  3. Then, do a top-up with a minimum of 250 diamonds and claim the anime angela custom and also other prizes. Because you will succeed in getting Angela’s anime custom action for free if you manage to exchange it for 250 diamonds that you get when you successfully complete the game mission given at the event.
  4. Finally, you can use this custom anime on the preparation menu. If you have difficulty using custom anime because you don’t know it. You can see several ways below.

Here’s How to Use It

The way to use custom action anime is very similar to using the sticker feature in the legend mobile game. The difference between these two features only lies in the movement. Because later the hero you use can move more freely.

Those are a variety of complete explanations of how to get a custom action anime angela ML . That way your hero can move much more freely with an attractive freestyle. So the display will be cooler. Take advantage of ongoing events to successfully get Angela’s anime custome action easily and for free. If there are other players who need this information, you can recommend this page so that these players get a complete explanation as above.


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