Most Complete and Easy PUBG Without Root

 Most Complete and Easy PUBG Without Root

PUBG cheats without root are certainly much sought after by players to get Chicken Dinner in the PUBG game. Cheats are commonly known in the PUBG game as PUBG Mobile hack android. Using the cheat will make the player jump higher until it can exceed the normal limit which usually reaches 40 meters. Using cheats can certainly make your opponent irritated. Because your movements in this game will be faster, making it difficult for your opponent to guess. You will also find it easier to dodge bullets. Most players in this game certainly need information about cheats that can be used without root. Here’s complete information about cheats that you can see below.

Various PUBG Cheats Without Complete Root

  1. Script Cheat Speed Run PUBG

This cheat has been proven to irritate the opponents you are facing. Because you will have a higher speed than usual when using this cheat. This also makes it easier for you to move beyond normal limits to be able to dodge bullets.

  1. Script High Jump PUBG

This cheat is one of the cheats that will make your jumps very high because the height can reach 40 meters.

  1. Script Magic Bullet Dan Antena PUBG

If you are one of the players who are less skilled in directing weapons. This cheat is perfect for you. Because later the antenna will show the presence of the opponent’s position. There is a kind of straight line towards the sky. The magic bullet cheat can also make it easier for you to shoot in any direction and will directly hit the enemy with the closest location among you.

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  1. Script Auto Headshot PUBG

This cheat is known as the best cheat that is widely used in the PUBG game. Because you will have no difficulty in doing a headshot towards the opponent. You can directly shoot the enemy’s body and later the crosshair will point to the opponent’s head by itself. This cheat also has many menu options including, no recoil, wallhack, and others.

  1. Script Wallhack Dan No Recoil PUBG

This cheat serves to make it easier for players to see enemies even if they are hiding behind a wall. You can also change colors to make it easier to see enemies.

How To Use Cheats Easily

To be able to use PUBG cheats without Root easily, you have to use a third-party application, namely the Guardian game application, host files along with virtual space that can be installed directly.

  1. First, do a clone in the game guardian application using a random name in the virtual space.
  2. Next, open the virtual host by re-selecting the hosts file.
  3. Then run the Guardian application from within the virtual space using cheats
  4. Login to the PUBG account in the virtual application
  5. Then click the game Guardian icon and select select process
  6. After that select execute script
  7. Finally you can start the game and activate the cheat. Make sure you activate anti-ban

The way to use PUBG cheats without Root is now very easy for you to do. Because the information above has explained the method as clearly as possible so that you can understand it easily of course. In addition, using cheats when playing PUBG certainly provides many advantages. So that players can have high jumps and are free from bullet targets. This will make it easier for you to complete the game much more easily


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