Most OP Awakening FF Character Combination

Most OP Awakening FF Character Combination

Combination of FF Awakening Characters – In the free fire game there are a number of characters with unique abilities. The appearance and abilities possessed by each character, make fans want to have them. Some characters even get awakening or rebirth, which is made again with a version that is more up in terms of appearance and ability.

In September this time there will also be a new awakening character from Moco with the name Enigma. Of course these characters are better than the old moco version. In connection with this topic, this article will discuss about the most OP character combination of awakening ff . Survivors must know the following OP combinations.

List of Awakening Characters in Free Fire

Moco awakening is a hot topic in the local survivor community, reportedly the character will be officially released on peak day on September 18, 2021. Moco Enigma is the latest awakening character presented by Garena FF. Previously there were several characters who had experienced awakening. These characters will experience an increase in their skills. As for the list of awakening characters and their skills in the free fire game, you can check the points below.

  1. Andrew

The first character to get awakened is Andrew, with the skill name The Fierce. This skill can increase 14% armor damage reduction. And can get an additional damage reduction of up to 15% for team members with the wolf pack skill.

  1. Kelly

The second character is Kelly with the awakening skill name, The Swift. This skill can increase damage up to 106% in the first target shot, the skill activates after running in 4 seconds. This skill can be activated in 5 seconds.

  1. Hayato

The third character to get awakened is Hayato, with the skill name Firebrand. This skill is able to reduce the amount of damage obtained from the front up to 3.5%, each time losing a total of 10% of max HP.

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  1. Moco

Moco is the newest character to be awakened and acquire the name Enigma. The skill from the Moco Enigma is to extend the duration of the shot mark up to 6.5 seconds, for enemies who have been shot and can still move.

The Most OP Awakening FF Character Combination

By using the awakening skills of the characters above, it is certain that players can excel in battle. Especially if you are able to make the right combination between characters. The combination is the Kelly the Swift skill, combined with the Hayato Firebrand skill. Both of these skills can strengthen defense and increase damage. That way doing close combat will be very superior. Reaching booyah also becomes easier.

The two combinations are already OP to face the enemies. But it will add more OP if you use Andrew the fiercer’s skill. Thanks to Andrew’s awakening skill, the defense becomes stronger. Very suitable for squad battles. All squad members don’t need to be afraid when they are bombarded with bullets from the enemies. Then if you use Moco Enigma, it will be very easy to know the enemy’s movements and immediately defeat them.

From the above review, it can be seen that the combination of FF awakening characters can indeed make survivors stronger. Not only when combined with other awakened characters, but also when combined with non-awakening characters. So that can be discussed about awakening characters, hopefully it can be useful and thank you.


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