Pubg Mobile’s Flora Menace Mode

Pubg Mobile's Flora Menace Mode

Pubg Mobile’s Flora Menace Mode – After bringing many big changes to the 1.5 ignition update, this time Pubg mobile also brings a lot of new content in the 1.6 version update. There are also new events and collaborations to play with. Fans can’t wait to play the new version update.

Pubg Mobile's Flora Menace Mode

In addition to the big collaborations, there are also the addition of new game modes. What’s interesting is about Pubg Mobile’s Flora Menace Mode . Many local fans in particular are discussing the new fashion. How exciting is it to play in the flora menace mode? Check the interesting info in the main discussion of this article.

Get to know Pubg Mobile’s Flora Menace Fashion

In the new flora menace mode, the theme is aliens. Which tells that plants from the alien Yarilo have mastered almost the entire Erangel map, then spawned a Rejuvenation barrier that can speed up the healthy recovery of players. In the Erangel map there is also a cell matrix, which is the spaceship of the aliens. The plane flies over the map area. Later, players can enter the plane, hunt for cells, to beat other players, and need to look for nacore chips.

The chip item allows players to order combat equipment at the desired location. There is also a respawn feature in the cell matrix plane. This spacecraft not only continues to fly, but at certain periods also anchors at certain locations. This flora menace game mode will be available first on the Erangel map, which will later also be on the Sanhok map, then finally on the Livik map. Playing in the new mode provides a new, unique and more exciting experience.

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7 More Favorite Modes

In addition to the arrival of a new mode, namely flora menace, there are also 7 favorite modes that will be available at a certain time period. The mode is Metro Royal reunion, which travels in underground tunnels. Then there is the Titans Last stand mode which allows players to join the monarch’s journey and defeat the mecagodzilla. Then the vikendi winter map will also be available in early October.

Other favorite game modes are Survive till dawn aka zombie attack, payload 2.0 aka explosive war, rune power mode, the power of elements and ancient runes. As well as infection mode with defender gameplay. All these modes will be available for a limited time, complete information can be checked directly in the game.

Other Interesting Info

With all the interesting game modes above, playing on pubg mobile 1.6 becomes even more fun, right? There are still many interesting things that Tencent has prepared in pubg mobile 1.6. One of them is about the official confirmation of the collaboration of PUBG Mobile x Jujutsu no Kaisen. This collaboration has been eagerly awaited by fans. As is known, jujutsu no kaisen is one of the most favorite winter anime lists this year. Various interesting surprises and other big collaborations await. Therefore, immediately do the latest update and start logging in and playing.

That was the explanation about Pubg Mobile’s Flora Menace Mode , as well as various other fun things in pubg mobile 1.6. This new fashion concept has never existed before. This makes fans more enthusiastic to try. Well, that’s all the information this time, happy reading, and hopefully useful.


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